How TaskMarket works


Just tell us what you need done, date, time and location.

Name your price or request bids

Review our handy Pricing section below for tips.

Get a friendly

You can choose your Tasker or let us pick for you.

Pay only when
the task is done

Once you're satisfied, you pay securely through our site. It's easy!

what it’s like to be a Tasker

Review or Assign

You choose to review Taskers who bid on your task, or we'll assign one for you. It's up to you!

Direct Hire

If you really like working with a specific Tasker, you can make a "Direct Hire" request directly from their profiles.


Mark tasks that need to be done repeatedly, like walking the dog or cleaning the house, as Recurring tasks. Just set 'em and forget 'em.

Virtual Tasks

Tasks like vacation planning, research, and proofreading can all be done remotely — even if you don't live in an active TaskMarket city.


How much does TaskMarket cost?

You decide. You name your price and all transactions are done easily and securely through your TaskMarket account.

What’s the TaskMarket Service Fee?

20% of the TaskPrice on every completed Task is reserved for our Service Fee.

Average Prices of Popular Tasks

Grocery Shopping - Avg R200
House Cleaning - Avg R200
Handyman - Avg R350

How should I decide my TaskPrice?

Consider these four factors:



The amount of work involved should serve as the foundation for your starting price.



Don't forget to consider the distance that each Tasker will have to travel to do a task.



Also consider how long the task will take to do and any specific time constraints.



If the task requires unique skills or special equipment, consider a higher price.