The TaskMarket Guarantee Terms

The TaskMarket Guarantee is a part of TaskMarket’s Terms of Service, located here. (Capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the definitions set forth in TaskMarket’s appropriate Terms of Service.)

What is the “TaskMarket Guarantee”?

TaskMarket will compensate (a) Users up to R 1,000,000 per occurrence for Losses arising from (i) Property Damage as a direct result of negligence of a Tasker during performance of a Task; or (ii) Bodily Injury sustained by a Client, another Tasker or a third party as a direct result of negligence of a Tasker during performance of a Task, or (b) Clients up to R 5,000 per occurrence for Losses arising from Theft of Client’s, another Tasker’s or a third party’s property by a Tasker during performance of a Task, in each case if a Claim is brought within fourteen (14) days of the action giving rise to the Claim.

You will be covered under the TaskMarket Guarantee for every Task, subject to the exclusions below, as long as:

  • The Task is agreed between Client and a Tasker on the Service, performed by the hired Tasker and paid for through TaskMarket.
  • The Task you posted is compliant with our Terms of Service (including the Marketplace Guidelines).
  • You have not submitted a separate Claim within ninety (90) days prior to the action giving rise to the Claim.

What is excluded from the TaskMarket Guarantee?

The “TaskMarket Guarantee” does not cover the following (the “Excluded Losses”):

  • losses arising from operation of any motor vehicle, aircraft or watercraft by a Tasker;
  • losses arising out of acts of nature, including, but not limited to, earthquakes and weather related events such as hurricanes and tornadoes;
  • losses that a Tasker or Client could be held liable for under workers compensation, unemployment compensation or disability benefits law;
  • losses arising out of any intellectual property claim;
  • losses arising out of interruption of business, loss of market and/or loss of use; or
  • Losses as a result of theft of property in excess of R 5,000 for each Claim or any other intentional wrongful act by a Tasker.

How do I submit a Claim?

To submit a claim, please email: Payment requests are subject to the terms as noted above, so we urge you to read through these terms and conditions prior to submitting a Claim. All Claims will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

During our Claims assessment process, you agree to (i) protect and preserve any damaged property that is the basis of a Claim from further damage, and (ii) assist and allow TaskMarket or its insurers access to inspect and make copies, photographs and recordings of anything relating to the Claim.

If any part of your Claim is approved, then as a condition to any payment to you under the TaskMarket Guarantee, you will be required to execute and deliver to TaskMarket the “TaskMarket Guarantee Approved Claim Agreement”, which includes your agreement:

  • To assign to TaskMarket or its insurer any rights and remedies you may have to recover amounts paid to you with respect to an approved Claim from any party that is financially responsible for the approved Claim;
  • To reasonably cooperate with us, including, at our request, appearing as a witness in any court, arbitration or like proceeding, if we seek to recover from any party the amount paid to you with respect to an approved Claim;
  • To release and hold harmless TaskMarket and its insurers and all officers, directors, employees, contractors and agents of TaskMarket from any further liability or obligations with respect to the facts and circumstances of the matters and incident set forth in the Claim;
  • To treat as “confidential information” the contents and existence of such Claim and TaskMarket Guarantee Approved Claim Agreement; and
  • To refund to us any amounts that are erroneously paid to you with respect to an approved Claim, in our determination and based upon factors including, but not limited to, documentation in our possession, your actions, and police reports, if applicable.

Defined Terms

"Bodily Injury" means physical injury, sickness or disease sustained by any person, including death resulting from any of these.
"Claim" means a proper claim with full details.
"Losses" means any losses other than Excluded Losses.
"Property Damage" means physical injury or damage to, or loss or destruction of tangible property.
"Theft" means the intentional and fraudulent taking of another’s tangible personal property without permission or consent of the owner, with intent to convert it to the Tasker’s use.