Our Task Force is here to help you day-in, day-out..


Carpet cleaning, mopping, vacuuming, curtain cleaning, move-in cleaning, dusting, mould removal, etc.

FURNITURE & Appliance

Dishwasher installation, oven repair, computer desk building, cooktop installation, wardrobe assembly, etc.


Grocery shoping, laundry, buy office equipment, sound proofing, garden maintenance, hedging, etc.

so you can enjoy the less busy side of life.

What do you need done ?

What is TaskMarket ?

Imagine having a catering company, web-designer, gardener, cleaner or even a party planner on speed-dial.

TaskMarket allows you to connect with talented and skilled people in your community that can help you with daily tasks and if you have some skills hidden inside you; stay assured that you can also lend a hand for an extra buck.

We are a trusted community platform that allows you to be more resourceful with your time and let someone else help you get things done.

Whatever task you need sorted, we got you! If it’s a handyman you need, installations done, music mastered, house cleaning or computer related task, we have just the right people for you.

All that’s needed, is for you to create a profile and let us do the rest, by connecting you with the best!

TaskMarket | Help is a few clicks away.